About Me

I'm “Healthy Heather” Fuselier: a WellCoaches Certified Wellness Coach and ACE Certified Personal Trainer specializing in holistic wellness for individuals and families with compassion, practicality, and client-focused solutions.

As a health and fitness enthusiast, I came to professional coaching after years of finding myself in the role of cheerleader, navigator, and at times, pants-kicker for individuals in need of a can-do attitude and emphasis on greater health through life balance. I now work professionally with clients to achieve a range of goals including weight reduction and management, stress management, life balance, and tapping into the incredible power of visioning, proper goal-setting, and achieving progress, not perfection. 

But I haven't always been Healthy Heather. I used to be overweight, undernourished, stressed out, and fed up. I felt like I did everything "right" but I could never achieve my fitness goals. Then I gave up and decided to forget the numbers, forget the scale, and opt out of the crazy traps I kept walking into. After my own pity party of a few weeks, I realized I missed my healthy goals. But I decided to approach them differently. I changed the way I thought about my wellness, and that changed everything. I lost the weight, gained the energy, balanced my life, and even quit my job as a non-profit manager so I can help you do the same thing. The success of my clients and partners is my passion, and helping others live healthy is its own reward. I am so thankful for those bad decisions...without them I never would have ended up here with you!
Now, you can find me speaking to community groups about creating sustainable healthy change, writing about raising healthy and active children, meeting with individuals to hunker down in their goals, or working with companies to design and deliver effective employee wellness programs. I'm also an avid runner, clean eater, and weight lifter, and a mom of two energetic boys. I am alongside you every day working hard at a healthy life.

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